Essential Soul Healing Membership

Supported healing space for individuals who are changing their lives.

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Essential Soul Healing Membership

Supported healing space for individuals who are changing their lives.

Are you someone who has simply changed? You woke up one morning and realised you have outgrown your life. You feel a deep need for something different. More meaningful. More satisfying.

How this can come together for you?

  • On each new moon we connect live via zoom for an Angelic Core Healing® session.
  • You can use my unique monthly healing protocols to focus specifically on what you feel you want to work on.
  • I will connect with your higher self individually to channel healing and you can intuitively plug in for the healing you need.
  • As a member you receive ongoing energetic support throughout the month. Including a clearance on the full moon.
  • You will have access to recordings of the monthly healing sessions and a selection of healing oil protocols inside the Edel O’Hanlon teachable school.
  • You can choose to purchase a monthly subscription or a one off session.

An essential part of this membership is your feedback on how your month evolves for you. This can be shared inside the Essential Soul Healing membership. I love to hear from my clients, via the comments section for each month. It’s an important piece of how I tap into what you need in the next healing session.

Let me hold a space for you. Supported, safe space that allows you to do whatever it is you need time and healing to do.

Using a unique method crafted over many years experience Essential Soul Healing came into being because my clients were experiencing this deep need to heal as they evolved on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I worked with doTERRA essential oils intuitively to channel unique healing protocols that will enhance any work you do on yourself. Even if it is simply to stop and begin to understand yourself.

The oils work incredibly well alongside Angelic frequencies in helping you heal, clear old stagnant energies and ground in your new way of being. Perfect for a complete beginner right up to a healing master.

To learn more about Essential Soul Healing send me your name and email below.

Your Instructor

Edel O'Hanlon
Edel O'Hanlon

My courses teach you how to tap into your souls energy and purpose on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level in order for you to create the life you want.

Once you understand what's going on you become an alchemist of your own life. You will create from a place of empowered intention, from an inner knowing that will set you on the most exciting of journeys.

Let me show you how you can consciously move towards your intentions and become an expert alchemist of your own life.

Learn how to stand in your power and speak your truth.

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"I loved it Edel. I literally felt a weight lift off me during it, I slept great and I feel really good since. Thank you."

"I found it really nice connecting with Edel and the group during the guided essential soul healing sessions. Using the essential oil protocol daily helped me to focus on my own healing process and what was surfacing for me. I felt supported knowing that Edel had my back during with the clearing sessions. These were really helpful and always gave me a sense of transformation, release and letting go of stuff I no longer needed. Thank you 💕"

"Hi Edel, I want to state my gratitude…I can only say the healing I have received through your essential soul healing programme has been profound. I feel so much stronger in myself, happier and a total feeling of renewal. I am truly grateful to you and your help always."

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Your access to this membership starts immediately after you join us. The live healings are on each new moon and the background angelic support is throughout the month. Recordings and protocols are added each month.
How long do I have access to the membership?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this membership for as long as you maintain your monthly payments.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of this course I have a no refund policy.

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